Many people would prefer home care before moving to assisted living, retirement communities, or nursing homes.  Home is a place where memories are created and comfort is known.  A Senior’s home can hold emotional and physical associations.  For some, leaving home can be disruptive and depressing and can lead to further physical or mental decline.

Studies have shown that a person’s familiar environment can contribute to effective emotional healing after a traumatic physical health event or hospitalization.

Being at home is simply more comfortable for most seniors than being in an unfamiliar place. They have their own bed, kitchen, telephone, books and photographs.

Depending on the hours needed, home care for seniors can be much more affordable than nursing homes or other institutions.

 Advanced Home Health Care and Nursing is Omaha’s leading Elder care and Senior Companionship provider.  We differ from other Omaha agencies and franchises by offering a personalized Nurse-owned and operated service.  With most Senior Care Agencies in the Omaha area, you work with franchise managers and often times communicate with a national call center.  When you call Advanced Home Health Care, you will speak with an actual nurse that can help you get started immediately.  There is no need to wait for a return call.  We want to help you by answering questions and becoming an advocate for you or a loved one without wasting more of your time.

Advanced Home Health Care Omaha is here to help.  If you or someone you love in the Omaha area need our services, call today.

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Our Senior Care Agency was started in Omaha by Jessica Schaben. Jessica worked as a Registered Nurse at a local Omaha hospital and recognized the need for individualized care for elderly patients in their own homes. She sees the importance of trying to keep seniors in their home environment to help maintain better quality of life. This short informational video may help potential clients understand our core values as a senior care provider.

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Advanced Home Health Care is a licensed Nurse owned and operated Senior Care provider in Omaha, Nebraska.  See why staying at home can be a far cheaper and caring alternative to a nursing home.

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